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Don't Look Into Her Eyes

I rarely tell people what I do when I’m out socialising. Why? Because people have very fixed ideas about hypnosis and hypnotherapists. The first reaction I get is “Oh, don’t look into her eyes!”

If I had a penny for each time I have heard that one! The next thing people say is “So, does it actually work?” I tell them that I have been doing this job for almost 10 years and a large proportion of my clients come to me via recommendation, so yes it works but not only does it work, but it works extremely well!

So if my job gets out into the room, the room tends to split. People who are nervous of me, who I assume fear I have some magical power and that I will look into their eyes and take over their minds and they move away. Then the curious, and then I get the questions “Can you do it to anyone? “ etc. Then there is a small potion of the knowing, the people who have experienced hypnotherapy.

People are scared of what they don’t understand and this fear along side how hypnotists are portrayed on the television and the very old fashioned mysterious smoke and mirrors, pocket watch swinging portrayal really doesn’t help.

Many people turn to a hypnotherapist when they have tried everything else, as a last resort, because of the fear of the unknown. Some people arrive looking very nervous. I love it at the end of the session when people say “Oh that was really nice!” Or wow I feel so relaxed ! It was nothing like I imagined!! And you're very normal, not what I was expecting!!! My monsoon skirt and head scarf are at the dry cleaners... I often joke!

So here we go, the secrets out. I don’t have magic powers, my jobs is just simply to lead someone into a relaxed state and then deliver positive suggestions that they want in their lives.

Obviously I use techniques to help them relax, but they are just that, techniques. I help people heal themselves, they do all the work, I just provide them with the tools.

I purposely called my business Dorchester Natural Hypnotherapist because I wanted the word “natural” in it. I want people to understand the hypnotic state is a natural state, one that we pass in and out of many times in a day; daydreaming, zoning out, falling asleep and waking up.

There really is nothing to fear and I’m actually really quite ordinary. It’s just the job I do that is extraordinary.

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1 Comment

Nov 26, 2019

so good to dispel the myths!

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