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Opinions Not Fact!

How many times have you been looking forward to an event and then backed out at the last minute? Maybe a work Christmas party or a gathering at a friends house, where there are people who you are familiar with and some you have never met?

People naturally assume social anxiety is about not wanting to meet new people. But for many the anxiety can come with the thought of being in the company of people they do know.

It can take what seems to some to be the smallest, most innocent of comments, or "jokes" to knock someone's confidence. Spiralling them into a state of fear and anxiety.

A fear of being judged, a fear of being laughed at, a fear of not being good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, slim enough, tall enough and so on.

When this happens people begin to miss out. Held back by anxiety and fear. Wanting to attend the party or event, but not allowing themselves. Getting all dressed up knowing they won't actually leave the house.

It's difficult once in this mind set, to escape from it. But peoples opinion's are just that...their opinions, not fact! Yet, they can damage and impact on others lives and they may never know they have done so.

Always be kind...many people are very sensitive to others comments and beliefs. We all want to be accepted and liked and all it takes is a little kindness.

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